Collision Literary Magazine

An undergraduate publication of the University of Pittsburgh Honors College      

Current Staff

The staff of Collision Literary Magazine is comprised entirely of undergraduate students of the University of Pittsburgh. We read and discuss all submitted material, select pieces for publication, design each issue, and plan readings every semester--all made possible through the support of the University Honors College and the advising of Jesse-Burton Nicholson.

Head Editor

Peter Webb

Editorial Staff

Dan Malinowski, Zoe Hannah, Mariae Norwood, Derek Anderson, Leland Cacayan, Emily Anne, Francesca Beavers, Katy Koenig

If you are an undergraduate at Pitt and want to be a part of the staff, just talk to any of our members or e-mail for information! No prior experience is required, nor does literature, writing, or art necessarily have to be a focus of your course studies. Just come with the desire to participate, and the willingness to read critically and discuss!